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An electrostatic hand-held meter reads static electricity without contact. The purpose is to measure the polarity of static on a conductive surface. This device will indicate the surface voltage and polarity on objects/surfaces up to +/- 20 kV when measured one inch. 25 millimeters away with +/- 10% accuracy. This device can measure higher values if the operator increases the distance from the target.


The electrostatic field tester is a non-contact portable electrostatic field tester, which can measure the surface electrostatic value of objects and the ion balance (0~±200v) of electrostatic eliminating equipment.

The shell is made of anti-static material, with grounding buckle, ensure that the measurement results are correct and reliable. measurable range is -0~20KV (working distance is 1 inch), equipped with two LED lights to ensure that the measurement is kept 25mm away from the measured object.

Red LCD for positive charge, blue LCD for negative charge, 5 time/s LCD display renewal rate, easier to observe and record values.

Automatic shutdown / turn on / beyond the measurable range.

Power supply: 9V, 6F22 manganese battery; Test accuracy: ±10%
Measuring range: 0~±1.49KV (Low range), ±1.0KV ~±20.00KV (High range)
Accuracy: ±0.1KV (Low range), ±1KV (High range) ; Measuring distance: 1 inch ±0.2inches (25mm±0.5mm)
LCD display renwal rate 5 times/s; Response time 1s
Sound alarm; automatic shutdown / turn on / beyond the measuralbe range
Automatic shutdown; No oepration for 5 minutes




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