High Heat Static Elimination Cord


Part No. SS-HT-22M (72 Ft./22 meters)

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Product Description:

Stainless steel metalized yarn offering customers enhanced
strength and resistance to high-temperature work environments. The cord provides a rich
surface with millions of micro-fibers that once grounded to your equipment will allow the
electrostatic charge to flow through to ground.
Diameter: 1/16 Inch


To install, simply ground the string to the bare metal of the machine and drape the length across the surface to be neutralized. Adjust the distance from the charged sheet or web from direct contact to up to two inches away until you get the optimum static neutralization. Place cord either under or over a web or sheet. NOTE: The sheet or web needs to be in space, never flat down on a surface.

For further in depth questions ask our Technical Expert: William Larkin at William@stopstatic.com or text (781) 264-8750.


72 ft. (22 meter) spool


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