Exaction Clean™ Static Eliminator

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The Exaction Clean™ Static Eliminator is an ionizing flat rod that has embedded conductive stainless steel that will not shed or lose any micro-fibers. The bar is designed to be cleaned easily and like our other products still attracts a static charge by ionizing the static field and allowing the residual flow of electrons to attract off your materials toward the ground.

Designed to meet the needs of customers concerned with packaging contamination. Also, if the product is splashed with a foreign substance it can be easily cleaned with no crevices, cracks, or gaps.

Exaction Clean™ Static Eliminator works better on machines than electrically powered ionizers because the micro-points stay clean and keep working. 

Our team works hard to ensure you are receiving the perfect product for your machinery. The Exaction Clean™ Static Eliminator along with each of our products is entirely customizable.


Place the Exaction Clean™ Static Eliminator across the surface to be neutralized and ground it to the metal of the machine with the magnet mount. Adjust the distance from the charged sheet or web from 1/8” away to up to two inches away until you get the optimum static neutralization. Exaction Clean™ Static Eliminators can be placed under or over a web or sheet in multiple locations where static develops.

Available Sizes and Product Cost:

1-4 inches $35

over 4 inches $7 per inch

Mounting hardware included in the price

Technical Support:

We provide full technical support and a full guarantee of performance.
Ask a Technical question contact: mike@stopstatic.comwilliam@stopstatic.com, or Text or call William anytime: 781-264- 8750

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