Static in Winding And Converting


PROBLEM: Lint and dust are attracted to rolls of material, shocks to operators, and customer complaints about damaged products.

SOLUTION: Mount the StaticElastic™ next to the rollers, approximately ¾ inch (18 millimeters) away from the material and place the StaticString™ on the unwinding roll, as the diameter changes the StaticString™  will remove the charge.

Static electricity will cause foreign matter to attract to the material after winding, filling or moving parts and materials: The solution for wider webs or sheets is the Ion360™ Rods (A durable low cost permanent solution can be mounted using the aluminum lugs we provide).

"I am also, letting my local customer with static problems know. You have a great product. Cheers Mate!"

− Bill Flores | Intl. Sales Representative Piedmont Plastics | 3147 N. Andrews Avenue Ext. | Pompano Beach, FL 33064

"I tried a couple applications with great results on my machines, I am working with tech support on finding out how many kits we may need of the magical string"

− Omar Rueda, Operations Manager, Avery Dennison Information and Brand Management Division

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