Small Printing & Laminating

Removing static at the delivery of your small printer or copier makes feeding the sheets into the folders or laminators much easier.

Ion360™ Rod on GBC laminator removes static from the unwinding roll and on the sheet of film moving onto the print.

 Static Problem Feeding Sheets

1. Lay StaticString™ across the stack to remove static as the top sheet is lifted and moved forward.
2. Place IonWire under the sheet in the gap in front of the stack and allow the sheet to pass over the IonWire.
3. At the base of the feed board, place IonWire under the sheet and allow it to pass over to the grippers.
4. Place StaticElastic™ across the sheet allowing it to pass into the delivery stack.
** NOTE: NO static eliminators can remove static on a stack of sheets. It is best to prevent the static on the printer at the delivery of the sheets. See pictures above.

Static Problem At Delivery

Static on sheets in delivery causes uneven stacking. Also, difficulties such as doubles and cling in feeding sheets during concurrent operations such as folding, laminating, etc.

SOLUTION:Place StaticString™, StaticElastic™ or Ion360™ Rods across the web about 1/2 – 1 inch from the surface just before it enters the delivery stack. Ground the StopStatic cords to the bare metal of the machine.
The StopStatic™ Cords Kit contains three rolls of unique antistatic cords.
– roll of StaticString™ – This is the most successful antistatic cord in the world. It can be placed in contact with feeding sheets and winding rolls.
– roll of IonWire – This is the smallest diameter static eliminator in the world. IonWire can get in very small gaps in the machine to do the job.
– Roll of StaticElastic™ – This is the first bungee cord static eliminator that stretches across for simple placement and is moveable and bounces back if moved.
The StopStatic™ Cords Kit also contains mounting magnets for simple installation of the cords.

Image 8- Static Cord Kit ion360-MagnetMount

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