Alpha Innovation and the story

Alpha Innovation was founded by Bill Larkin who worked for 3M Static Control Systems for 15 years and for Digital Equipment Corp for five years as a technical expert on static control. “After we installed basic changes to improve control of static, we trained the DEC manufacturing and field service people.  I learned “if you keep it simple and do proper training, the results can be great.” Digital saved $28 M in reduced failures due to static the first year!

After a wonderful 15 year experience with 3Ms innovation and product development and the amazing results at Digital, (DEC), I started Alpha Innovation as a consulting company. But soon I was able to invent the first ADVANCED PASSIVE STATIC ELIMINATOR! Static String® changed everything.

Static String® cords have since become the world leaders for Advanced Passive Static Eliminators (APSEs) and have saved Converters and Printers millions by replacing the crude copper tinsel products and brushes. Our APSEs were consistently lowering surface charge on moving sheets and webs to below 3Kv and they were doing it at any machine speed and at any static charge level.

“There is not much happening below 3Kv”   –   Dr. Kelly Robinson, AIMCAL Technical Conference October, 2015

Engineers continued to report that the Static String® performs better “in use” than the electrically powered static eliminators because they not only lower the surface charge to below a symptom level, but they also do not have the “High Voltage Side Effects” which cause ionization failure and repeated maintenance.                                                                       

HIGH VOLTAGE SIDE EFFECTS     – Production of electro-chemicals – Point deterioration and loss of metal –Particle attraction on and around the points – Particle generation – Loss of ionization current – Imbalanced production of ions – Charging of materials –  Shocks to persons – Ignition of vapor – internal HV electrical breakdown – PCB failure –

*Read More about High Voltage Side Effects


Recently, we have achieved a major breakthrough in level of efficiency and “maintenance free” performance that surpasses all active and passive static elimination for many controlled environments.

Our new Advanced Passive Static Eliminators, Exaction Clean™ have achieved the highest levels of clean performance. We are now working with companies and meeting  the requirements of “Clean Room” coating, laminating, metalizing, and converting operations. Also, those companies that have the requirements of open food, medical, pharmaceutical, aseptic and sterile, environments.

"Innovation is more than just good ideas. Real innovation is a solution that is accepted and implemented. It means bringing a solution to a problem that makes a profound difference in the approach to the problem"

− William J Larkin, Founder of Alpha Innovation Inc