Flexible Packaging Printing

Gravure Printing:

PROBLEM: High speed gravure printing on plastic films results in high amounts of static that can ignite solvent vapors. As the web exits the printing rollers there is often a generation of high static charge resulting from the pressure and speed.

SOLUTION: Place StaticString™ very close to the rollers at a point where the web is not in contact with the machine. StaticString™ can be placed anywhere from direct contact, to up to a few inches away from the web but must be in a gap where the web is not touching the machine. String may be placed on either side of a thin web.

To determine the optimal placement, use a static meter to measure the static charge levels. You do not need to reduce the static charge to zero or even near zero. To prevent ignition, keep the charge below 5KV.

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Static on Winders

PROBLEM: Lint and dust іѕ attracted to rolls of material, shocks to operators and customer complaints when the roll is unwinding. SOLUTION: Mount the StaticElastic™ next to the rollers, approximately ¾ inch (18 millimeters) away from the material and place the StaticString ™ on the unwinding roll, as the diameter changes the StaticString™  will remove the charge.