StaticString® Blue – 1,000 Foot Roll


Part No. SS2000-1KB (1,000 Ft./304.8 meters)

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Static sting is the largest selling ionizing cord in the world because it produces 20 times the ionization of any other ion cord or tinsel product! Static String® provides clean performance with no oxidation, copper contamination or scratching. Unlike electrically powered ionizers Static String® works better on machines because the micro-points stay clean and keep working. This means the Static String® keeps working for years. Static String® is the best choice for obtaining a simple, sustainable solution to your static problem.


To install, simply ground the string to the bare metal of the machine and drape the length across the surface to be neutralized. Adjust the distance from the charged sheet or web from direct contact to up to two inches away until you get the optimum static neutralization. Place string either under or over a web or sheet. NOTE: The sheet or web needs to be in space, never flat down on a surface.

For further in depth questions ask our Technical Expert: William Larkin at or text (781) 264-8750.


1,000 ft. (304.8 meter) spool
Diameter: 2 millimeters

Product Cost:

1 Spool (1,000 ft): $599.00 each


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