Static Ionizing Cable (5 Feet)


Part No. SIC-5 (5 Feet)

Custom sizes available, please call for more information

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Galvanized cable with our patented ionizing material sheathed over it.
This cable provides a rich surface with millions of micro-fibers that once grounded to your equipment will allow the electrostatic charge to flow through to the ground.
Ideal for wide web lines

Diameter: 1/16 Inch

Length: 5 Feet (Contact for custom lengths)


To install, cut to customer length as needed. The cable core allows the Ionizing Cable to be pulled tight across a wide span limiting bowing. Adjust the distance from the charged sheet or web within a 1-inch distance. Place the cord either under or over a web or sheet. NOTE: The sheet or web must be in space, never flat down on a surface.

Easily connected to your machine with our rare earth industrial magnet attached to swiveling carabiner clip.

For further in-depth questions ask our Technical Support: William Larkin at or text (781) 264-8750.


5 Foot Roll

*Custom sizes available, please call for more information*



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