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This wipe is a soft material embedded with an ionizing conductive stainless steel micro-fibers that’s embedded in the material. These micro fibers create thousands of points to allow a static charge to ionize and flow to the ground. The points are so small and The cloth so soft there is no risk to damaging sensitive surfaces. This particular product provides clean performance with no oxidation, copper contamination or scratching with a soft touch.

The tan surface and edges of the StopStatic™ Wipers effectively remove static from plastics. The StopStaticWiper can be washed and reused. When plastic materials are heavily soiled, first use a cleaning cloth to remove particles and dirt, then lightly wipe the surface with the StopStaticWiper to remove static. The StopStatic Wiper prevents the re-attraction of dust to the clean surface.

Ideal for a wide range of industrial purposes from daily cleaning to ESD-safe environments. This is a general purpose wipe that should be used when the printing operator is concerned about potentially recharging a pre-printed surface. The product is constructed to limit lint or shedding with exceptional durability.

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