StaticElastic™ – 152 meters (1 spool is 500′)


Part No. ELAS-500 (500 Ft./152 meters)

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StaticElastic™ features all the static eliminating properties of StaticString®, plus it can stretch out of the way when needed and spring back into position. StaticElastic™ is a great solution for applications requiring access to equipment for maintenance and web splices.


Place StaticElastic™ across the surface to be neutralized and ground it to the bare metal of the machine. Adjust the distance from the charged sheet or web from direct contact to up to two inches away until you get the optimum static neutralization. StaticElastic™ can be placed under or over a web or sheet in multiple locations where static develops.

For further in depth questions ask our Technical Expert: William Larkin at or text (781) 264-8750.

Product Availability:

500 ft. (152 meter) spool
Diameter: 2 millimeters

Product Cost:

1 Spool: $1,250.00 each

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Weight 2.0 lbs


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