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Exaction Static Monitor – Part # ESM – W30

The Exaction™ Static Monitoring System will change the way you think about managing the static charge throughout your web process. Exaction™ was developed by experienced static control experts to provide constant static charge monitoring. In the Alpha Innovation tradition of providing simple, effective and low cost products for static elimination, the Exaction™ Static Monitor System is a true innovation!

Exaction™ will change the way you think about managing static charge on your web process.

How Exaction works:

  1. Choose an area on your web process where you want to monitor the levels of static charge to make certain they are maintained below a set limit.
  2. Place a static eliminating rod or cord across the web after the last roller and eliminate the charge.
  3. Place the ionizing rod sensor across the web about 1″ away and connect to the machine using our standard lug (provided).
  4. Mount the Exaction™ Monitor to grounded metal where it can be seen by operators.
  5. Connect the discharge current cable to the Exaction™ module.
  6. Turn the Exaction™ monitor on and you are ready to go.
Static Meter

Features: Hold button freezes display to capture transients or for hard-to-read locations, Battery SavR™ turns instrument off when not in use, Pocket-sized convenience Easy to Use: Only four easy steps alert you to static charges before they cause harm: Press PWR ON/HOLD button once. Discharge your body by touching a grounded metal object. Point the aperture toward a grounded surface and press the ZERO button twice. Aim the instrument toward the target surface at a distance of 1 inch. Read voltage and polarity of the charged surface on the display.