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No. 1 Ionizing Cord in the World

StaticString™ is clean, effective and keeps working with no speed limit and no static limit. StaticString™  is used and trusted by companies all over the world to great effect. In this video, the stretchable version of StaticString™ – StaticElastic™ – is being demonstrated.  Notice how once in place, the man’s hair falls back down.


Yes, it’s that simple

stop static sheeter animation


The first ionizing cord ever developed! StaticString™ is low-cost, lightweight & flexible. It removes the problems of static electricity with tiny conductive micro-fibers that cause the static charge to ionize and flow to ground.

New Exaction Monitor

Picture of StopStatic Extraction MonitorNon-contact Exaction Monitor

Non-contact Exaction Monitor covers the web at any speed. A change in static elimination for whatever reason sets off an audible alarm and flashing lights until the static is lowered to a safe level. It’s low cost and simple use makes the operators experts in static control.

We Have the Solution for Your Industry


Coating And Laminating

Controlling static is  paramount. From the time you unwind the substrate, static can cause dust attraction and coating defects. Coating solvents can ignite so constant monitoring is required. 

Our Solution

Winding And Converting

This customer says it all: “The string is like a little miracle and anyone standing at the rewind thanks you”. Our simple solutions will speed up production.

Our Solution

Flexible Packaging

High speed gravure printing is a challenge for conventional static eliminators because they cannot remove the static on the web fast enough.

Our Solution


Static problems are the result of extrusion and corona treating. Start your defects prevention program here at the extruder.

Our Solution

Packaging And Converting

Static electricity causes problems everywhere іn packaging processes. Your packaging machines needs world class static eliminators that stay clean and keep working.

Our Solution

Plastic Bags

Static problems are the result of extrusion and corona treating. Start your defects prevention program here at the extruder.

Our Solution

Printing And Laminating

Static can also occur when printing. When you take the static out of your printed sheets, you make the folders work much faster and the printing process is much more efficient.

Our Solution

Wide Format Printing

Static on plastic substrates causes printing defects. Getting the static off before printing requires careful placement of the right static eliminators.

Our Solution

Label Printing

Dust attraction caused by static can result in defects which are easily preventable. The  the Ion360™ can be put where you need it.

Our Solution

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"Your Static String helped us a lot in UMPRaflatac (ChangShu) factory, we are really happy with it"

− Jianming Mi, UMPRaflatac

"The Static String is like a little miracle and anyone standing at the rewind thanks you"

− Karen Berman, Amcor Flexibles

"I really liked the ionWand. I was impressed with how quickly and easily it dissipated the static at our winder"

− Mary Ann Majaury, 3M Canada

"We are currently using the cord on one of our smaller slitter/winders. The cord seems to be working the best out of all of the gizmos we tried"

− Jason Rim, Avery Dennison

"Amazing product! Yes your product has resolved our static control issues"

− Les Fujita, B&G House of Printing Inc